No fixatives are used for the portraits. This is to prevent any possible damage or warping to the product that these sprays can cause. However this also increases the risk of damage while the portrait is being framed. For these reasons it is highly recommended to have your portrait framed and ready for the wall before you receive it. All of our frames are supplied by professional framer, Marcus Framing, Cork City Center.




– most popular

– looks fantastic with dark coloured horses

– fits to any room and to any wall

– included in standard price guide



– beautiful light pastel colour

– looks best with chestnut and light coloured horses

– sometimes less is more

– included in standard price guide




– elegant and smooth

– very suitable for head and shoulders portaits

– makes it standout

– €15 on the top of the standard price guide




Double mounting

Our portraits are professionally framed and include a double mounting with one additional hidden channel

which allows any pastel dust to keep away from the actual mounting and front glass.

The most popular is white or cream coloured mounting, however any other colour can be arranged.




Name plates

Beautifully integrated in the mounting

– simple black and white €10

– elegant black and gold €15