Horse on my mind – Pencil in my hand




About the paintings: 

All equine art / portraits are done in dry pastel (pastel pencils) on a high quality sandpaper. No liquid binder is used.

About the process:

When you commission a portrait, it is important to supply me the best photo you can take or you have in your archives. I know that it can get difficult to find a suitable image, especially if your pet is no longer alive or has been sold and I fully understand that you might only have a few family snapshots. In case like that, please gather all photographs you have or your friends might have and we can work away from there.

If you are going to take a photo, feel free to contact me for tips on how to create a good and clear image. I am also happy to come out to your yard to take the photo myself (please consider that I am based in Cork City).

Once agreed on a photo, I start making few sketches on a white paper. I show you these before taking the next step. The sketches shall give you an idea of how the portrait should look like and how is the proportion of the whole painting. If you are happy, the painting process can begin.

The price and the payment needs to be agreed before the painting process has started. The payment must be made before the painting is shipped. 40% non refundable deposit applies.

Subject to discussion: different size, further subject in painting, other background than plain, other frame styles

Payment process: discussed individually



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