Who I am

I was born in Czech Republic and after I finished school, I left home and worked in Germany for 3 years. In 2008 I came to Ireland and stayed. Love it, live it and fall for this beautiful country and beautiful people every time!

What I do

When I bought my very first professional camera in 2010 I knew instantly that this was my passion in life. I had always seen beauty at every turn, marvelling at the wonder of how light looked so different through-out the day and quickly found myself progressing to the point where I, in 2011, took over a photography stand in Millstreet, County Cork. Up until that point I had no experience with show jumping as a photographer, however I felt very excited about the opportunity that now presented and did not want to lose the opportunity to work with another passion of mine since youth which is animals and horses in particular. Since then I have continued to develop my photography skills, covering various equestrian events along the way. Not long after I began to include private photo sessions to my rapidly expanding tailored photo packages, though at this time these were still related to horses.

By March 2014, I found myself branching out into people portraits, starting off with a simple portrait for a friend. Now, almost two years later, here I am, absolutely fascinated and totally in love with both being a sensual portraiture and fashion photographer. As I am a woman myself, I feel that my clients can relate to me and over time I have developed several techniques which have enabled me to achieve the desired result which is tailored to suit each client individually, allowing the model to tell me which way she would like to be captured.

If you’re not happy, I’m not happy!


How I do it

Preferably I like to view a few relatively recent photos of you before we go out for our own shoot. This way I can get an idea of what works for you with regard to style and colour. It’s about maximising the time we have to concentrate on the photo shoot, so taking a little time to find what works for you and what we can improve upon will enable us to create our very own little bit of magic. Once I have seen you then it becomes a more natural process to decide what will look the best for you. Having laid the groundwork for the photographer, all that’s left is for us to pick a day, location, and hope the weather is kind. The session itself doesn’t take longer than 2.5 hours and sometimes I have an assistant with me to help with those times the light is temperamental. All of this is thought-out in advance to help us achieve the best results. If you have a friend you can bring along for support, even better! From experience, a friend always helps you to relax and find the right pose. After that, the editing suite becomes my new home.

Working extensively with the popular photographer tools, Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop, I can add or take away a lot from each image, yet I always maintain a very natural and soft style. The editing might take a few days and 5-10 images in full resolution are guaranteed.

Another passion for me are horses and I have always found their grace and beauty transcends more than simply photography. There really is nothing better than a day spent in sun drenched fields with them. When I organise an equine photo session, it is important that I have an assistant or two. I usually have an assistant with me but if there is anyone in the yard, it can be a great help for the photographer to get the pictures we need. I like to start off with portraits and continue to action shots like a gallop over the field or some individual shots of rider and horse. I can also arrange a portrait session of you and your horse together as these can be very romantic and dreamy like images. We have organised some great sessions on a beach, having some great times with the horses in water. The way I see it, Ireland offers these beautiful locations, so it’s up to us to utilise these wonderful gifts.


I have been honoured to be interviewed by Tigers In Dresses, check it out!